Bunking Does Not Organize Travel

Bunking Does Not Organize Travel

Bunking: Connecting Like-Minded Adventurers, Not Organizing Travel

At Bunking, we pride ourselves on being a unique marketplace that brings together like-minded individuals for unforgettable group overnight adventures. However, it's essential to clarify what Bunking is—and what it is not.

We Are Not a Travel Agency

Bunking is not a travel agency, and we do not organize travel. Our platform is designed to connect people who share similar interests, passions, and a love for adventure. We do not provide transportation, book flights, or arrange any travel logistics. Instead, we offer a space where adventurers can find each other and plan their unique experiences together.

Our Role: A Marketplace for Connections

Our primary role is to facilitate connections. Think of Bunking as a social network for adventurers. Whether you're into hiking, AI meetups, or wellness retreats, Bunking helps you find your tribe. The actual organization of the trip—such as booking accommodations, planning activities, and arranging transportation—is managed by the hosts and participants themselves.

Hosting Adventures: Our Approach

Sometimes, Bunking hosts or co-hosts adventures directly. In these instances, we may take care of securing accommodations, but participants are responsible for finding their own way to the destination. This approach ensures that we remain compliant with regulations by not acting as a travel agency.

Why This Matters

Understanding our role as a marketplace and not a travel agency is crucial. It means that while we facilitate connections and offer a platform for planning, the responsibility for the actual travel arrangements lies with the participants and the hosts, if permitted. This approach allows for greater flexibility, creativity, and personalization of each adventure, making every Bunking experience truly unique.

A Marketplace, Not a Service Provider

It's important to understand that Bunking is a marketplace. We provide the platform and tools for hosts to create and manage their events, and for adventurers to discover and join these events. However, we do not provide any services directly. Our mission is to empower hosts and participants to create their own adventures, fostering a community of explorers who can connect and grow together.

Join the Adventure

If you're looking for a platform where you can connect with like-minded adventurers and plan incredible overnight experiences, Bunking is for you. Whether you want to join an existing adventure or host your own, Bunking provides the community and tools you need to make it happen.

At Bunking, we believe that the best adventures are those that are shared. Join us today and start your journey with a community that values connection, exploration, and the spirit of adventure.