The Pros and Cons of Allowing Alcohol at Your Overnight Bunking Adventure

The Pros and Cons of Allowing Alcohol at Your Overnight Bunking Adventure

When planning an overnight Bunking adventure, one important consideration is whether or not to allow alcohol. While offering alcohol can enhance the social aspect of the event, it also comes with potential downsides. In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of allowing alcohol at your Bunking adventure, supported by relevant statistics, to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Allowing Alcohol

1. Enhanced Social Interaction:

  • Alcohol can act as a social lubricant, helping guests relax and engage more freely. A study by the National Institutes of Health found that moderate alcohol consumption can increase social bonding and enhance positive emotions in group settings.
  • Stat: 47% of adults report that they feel more sociable and confident in social settings when they have consumed alcohol moderately.

2. Increased Enjoyment:

  • For many people, enjoying a glass of wine or a craft beer can enhance their overall experience, making the event feel more festive and enjoyable.
  • Stat: According to a survey by Eventbrite, 65% of event attendees feel that having alcoholic beverages available improves their overall enjoyment of the event.

3. Cultural and Culinary Experience:

  • Incorporating local wines, beers, or spirits can add a cultural and culinary dimension to the adventure, enriching the overall experience.
  • Stat: 55% of travelers state that tasting local alcoholic beverages is an important part of their cultural exploration while traveling.

Cons of Allowing Alcohol

1. Risk of Overconsumption:

  • The presence of alcohol can lead to overconsumption, resulting in negative behavior, health issues, or accidents.
  • Stat: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that excessive alcohol use is responsible for more than 95,000 deaths annually in the United States.

2. Safety Concerns:

  • Intoxicated guests may engage in risky behaviors, leading to safety concerns for themselves and others. This is especially pertinent in adventurous or outdoor settings.
  • Stat: A study from the Journal of Safety Research indicates that alcohol consumption is a significant factor in 25-30% of outdoor recreational accidents.

3. Exclusion of Non-Drinkers:

  • Offering alcohol might make non-drinking guests feel uncomfortable or excluded, potentially impacting their overall experience.
  • Stat: According to a Gallup poll, 35% of Americans choose not to consume alcohol for various reasons, including health, religion, or personal preference.

Tips for Managing Alcohol at Your Bunking Adventure

If you decide to allow alcohol at your overnight Bunking adventure, here are some tips to manage it responsibly:

1. Set Clear Guidelines:

  • Communicate your alcohol policy clearly to all guests before the event. Outline expectations for responsible consumption and behavior.

Example Communication:

  • “We will be offering a selection of local wines and craft beers at our adventure. We encourage everyone to enjoy responsibly and respect others.”

2. Provide Alternatives:

  • Offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, such as sparkling water, mocktails, and juices, to ensure that non-drinkers have appealing options.

3. Monitor Consumption:

  • Keep an eye on alcohol consumption to prevent overindulgence. Consider having a designated person to monitor and manage the alcohol supply.

4. Ensure Safety:

  • Have safety measures in place, such as providing transportation options for those who may be impaired and ensuring there are activities and spaces for guests who prefer not to drink.

5. Plan Alcohol-Free Activities:

  • Include activities that do not revolve around alcohol, ensuring that all guests, regardless of their drinking preferences, can enjoy the adventure.


Allowing alcohol at your overnight Bunking adventure can enhance social interaction and enjoyment, but it also comes with risks that need to be carefully managed. By setting clear guidelines, offering alternatives, and ensuring safety, you can create an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all guests. Consider the pros and cons carefully and decide what works best for your specific event and audience. Ready to plan your next Bunking adventure? Join Bunking today and start creating unforgettable experiences!