Frequently Asked Questions

For Hosts

  1. What is is an online marketplace where hosts can create unique local overnight meetups and adventures.

  2. How do I create a Bunking group? To create a Bunking group, sign up as a host, list your idea, set the nightly rate, specify the number of spots available, add an agenda, and set the minimum number of guests needed.

  3. Is there a fee to list my Bunking group? No, listing a new Bunking group is free. Bunking does take a 10% platform fee on any successful bookings.

  4. How do I set the nightly rate for my Bunking group? You can set the nightly rate when creating your Bunking group listing.

  5. Can I specify the type of accommodation and sleeping arrangements? Yes, you can specify the accommodation type (e.g., apartment, campsite, RV), sleeping arrangements, and available amenities.

  6. What cancellation policies can I choose from? You can select from various cancellation policies: full refund at any time, no refunds, 50% or 100% refunds after 24 hours, 10 days, and 21 days. Payment processing fees do apply with all refunds.

  7. How do I add an agenda to my Bunking group? You can add a detailed agenda when creating or editing your Bunking group listing.

  8. Can I specify an age range for my Bunking group? Yes, you can select the best-suited age range for your group when creating your listing.

  9. How do I manage bookings and guest communications? You can manage bookings and communicate with guests through your host dashboard.

  10. What happens if I don't meet the minimum number of guests? If the minimum number of guests isn't met, you can choose to cancel the event or proceed with fewer participants.

For Guests

  1. How do I find and book a Bunking group? Search for Bunking groups on our website, select one that interests you, and follow the booking process.

  2. What types of accommodations are available? Accommodations vary and can include apartments, campsites, RVs, and more.

  3. Can I see the agenda before booking? Yes, the agenda is included in the Bunking group listing for you to review before booking.

  4. What happens if the event is canceled? If the event is canceled, you'll receive a refund according to the host's cancellation policy, less any payment processing fees.

  5. Are there age restrictions for Bunking groups? Some groups have age suggestions, which will be specified in the listing. You must be older than 18 to use Bunking.

  6. How do I communicate with the host? You can communicate with the host through the messaging system.

  7. What is the refund policy? Refund policies vary by host. Check the specific cancellation policy of the Bunking group you are interested in.

  8. Can I cancel my booking? Yes, you can cancel your booking, but refunds depend on the host's cancellation policy.

  9. What should I bring to a Bunking event? The host will provide a list of recommended items to bring in the Bunking group listing or through direct communication.

  10. How do I leave a review for a Bunking group? After attending a Bunking group, you'll receive an email prompting you to leave a review on